All-New Sports Complex and Competitive Fun Zone.

The best part of motorcoach living is being part of the community, and sometimes that means a little friendly competition. We’ve got you covered with pickleball, tennis, hoops, horseshoes, bocce, and the time-honored tradition of shuffleboard. Plus, you won’t be playing on any worn-out old surfaces. Not at Olde Florida. We’ve designed a brand-new, best-of-the-best, championship-caliber sports complex.

Pickleball is America’s Fastest-Growing Sport.

But did you know Southwest Florida is the pickleball capital of the nation? It’s true. In fact, the U.S. Open is held in Naples each year (an easy drive for all you fanatics!). If you’ve caught pickleball fever like so many in our coach community, we’ve got you covered. Serve it up on 8 brand-new courts. Also, be sure to sign up for our friendly Olde Florida round robins and pickleball tournaments planned for all skill levels by our Club Specialists.

That Other Racquet Sport.

For many, tennis remains the greatest game, and we wouldn’t dream of leaving you folks out. Play a few sets of singles or doubles on 2 immaculate new hard courts. Of course, we’ll be scheduling Olde Florida tourneys for all you tennis fans, too.

Hoops and H.O.R.S.E.

Our sports complex also features a regulation basketball court. Whether it’s running full court, playing a little one on one, or showing off your shot-making skills in a game of H.O.R.S.E, you’re sure to find plenty of ballers looking to join the action.

Keep One Hand On Your Adult Beverage.

Sports don’t always have to be rigorous contests to be rewarding. In fact, some of our favorites can be done with a cold beer or refreshing cocktail firmly in grasp. Toss a few horseshoes. Get after that “pallino” in a game of bocce. Or grab a cue and slide those biscuits to victory in a shuffleboard contest with new friends. Cheers.

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